BestCities Global Forum 2022

8- 11 December, Vancouver, Canada

About the BestCities Global Forum 

The BestCities Global Alliance is gathering industry thought-leaders, international associations and partner destinations under one roof in Vancouver, Canada.

The Global Forum promises an opportunity for delegates to learn about measuring the impact of business events and drawing insight from projects delivered on the ground in Vancouver.

As we transition back to in-person gatherings, these learning and knowledge-sharing experiences will be immersive, providing delegates with fresh perspectives and ideas in an open and informal atmosphere.

We harness the power of collaboration and community to create positive impact through business events.

BestCities Global Alliance

Testimonials Global Forum 2021 

'BestCities Global Forum is a fantastic opportunity to take a deeper dive into subject matter that affects associates and destinations alike. It allows for candid discussion as well an opportunity to look at issues from a new perspective or two.  A truly inspirational event!' 

Belinda Hanson, Senior Manager, Operations & Programs, International Society for Computational Biology

'Through the talks and interactions with peers and cities, the BestCities Global Forum pointed me to some challenges we are facing within our Union but also presented new opportunities we have when selecting a venue for future events to create a legacy.' 

Prof Peter van Daele, Secretary General, International Union of Radio Science

'The forum was a good opportunity to connect with a subset of international destinations and have a meaningful, deeper dive into forming effective partnerships.  Our mutual, yet different goals around legacy will allow us to do more than just have a meetings, regardless of what industry or topic we focus on.' 

Pragathi Tummala, Executive Director & CEO, International Society for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect

Who should attend?

Open to International Associations, Association Management Companies, Agencies, Corporate Meeting Planners, (Core) PCOs and invited guests, the Global Forum is the ideal opportunity to:

Cross Industry 

Learn from outside our industry, share your thoughts and challenges with like minded peers and make connections beyond the forum.

Breathe Impact 

Experience for yourself the impacts that have been made in Vancouver and take away ideas on how you can apply lessons learnt for your own organisation.


Network with the 12 BestCities partner destinations and your association peers. Get away from your screen as a number of unique experiences await you in Vancouver!

About the organisers


‘We harness the power of collaboration and community to create positive impact through business events.’

Dedicated to excellence we’re an alliance of 12 cities that never settles when it comes to business events, we continuously push for better.

The quality and reach of our global community and our open knowledge exchange, allows our partners and clients to develop and offer experiences that make a more positive impact and leave a stronger and lasting legacy on the world.

Founded with this community spirit we continue to believe that our world prospers when it comes together, works together and shares generously.

We are the BestCities Global Alliance.


Destination Vancouver is a destination marketing & management organisation and business association. 

 We have 800 Members in tourism and related industries/activities. 

Our purpose is to effectively market Metro Vancouver as a destination for leisure, meeting and event travellers. 

Our goals are to attract visitors to the region, encourage them to stay longer and ensure they return. This is done through the coordinated group action of members and staff working together.

Our passion for the destination motivates all we do. We champion tourism as a positive force for the city and are invested in the sustainability of our industry.


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