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About the BestCities Global Forum 

In the heart of Dublin, where culture, creativity, and community intersect, we invite you to join us for the BestCities Global Forum 2025. We will explore how creative collaborations can ignite innovation, foster inclusivity, and transform global challenges into community-driven solutions.

As a gathering that champions the power of face-to-face interactions, this forum promises enriching workshops and sessions designed to both challenge and inspire attendees. Planners will benefit from unparalleled opportunities to connect with peers from diverse industries and explore innovative approaches to meeting design, sustainability, and impact. All whilst getting to know the 13 BestCities Global Alliance destination partners under one roof. 

Dublin, a city known for its rich history and vibrant culture, provides the perfect backdrop for fostering connections and sparking transformative ideas. Don't miss the chance to be part of this dynamic convergence of professionals committed to advancing global collaboration and community through impactful business events.

We harness the power of collaboration and community to create positive impact through business events.

BestCities Global Alliance

Testimonials Global Forum 2024 

'This Forum sets great example on how meeting should be organised: full of engagement with fellow participants, speakers and organisers, and encouraging and practical take-aways for associations.' 

Linh To, Event and Project Manager, Worldchefs

'Meet with people at a meeting about meetings. It sounds awful. But it was amazing. I have run so many meetings but this event made me realised that my cut-and-paste approach needs significant updating. I have arrived home super-stoked to change up the way we do things. My committee won't know what has hit them.' 

Prof Lesley Sloss, International Project Manager, International Centre for Sustainable Carbon

'The BestCities Global Forum offered the perfect mix of an educational program, opportunities to meet potential future destination partners, and excellent networking opportunities due to a small group. I enjoyed the forum immensely and can wholeheartedly recommend it to other international associations.' 

Christin Herger, Director Global Events, World Association of News Publishers

Highlights of the Global Forum 2024 

Who should attend?

Open to International Associations, Association Management Companies, Agencies, Corporate Meeting Planners, (Core) PCOs and invited guests, the Global Forum is the ideal opportunity to:

Cross Industry 

Learn from outside our industry, share your thoughts and challenges with like minded peers and make connections beyond the forum.

Experience Dublin 

A city where the world’s brightest minds gather to inspire, innovate and create real change in world-leading research and development.


Network with the 13 BestCities partner destinations and your association peers. Get away from your screen as a number of unique experiences await you in Dublin!

About the organisers


‘We harness the power of collaboration and community to create positive impact through business events.’

Dedicated to excellence we’re an alliance of 13 cities that never settles when it comes to business events, we continuously push for better.

The quality and reach of our global community and our open knowledge exchange, allows our partners and clients to develop and offer experiences that make a more positive impact and leave a stronger and lasting legacy on the world.

Founded with this community spirit we continue to believe that our world prospers when it comes together, works together and shares generously.

We are the BestCities Global Alliance.


At Dublin Convention Bureau we offer free and impartial services, expert local advice and financial supports to meeting planners, associations and incentive organisers.
Located on the edge of Europe, Ireland is the only English-speaking country in the eurozone, providing an ideal hub for international associations and corporate meetings to take place.
With over 1,000 high growth multinational companies choosing Dublin as their strategic European base, as well as four universities, numerous teaching hospitals and research centres, we are in a strong position to shape the content of your most successful conference yet.
From financial support and site inspection funding to venue sourcing, we have a range of supports to assist you every step of the way.



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